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Celebrating the year of the Dragon

Gong Xi Fa Choi - words meaning: may this year bring you prosperity and good fortunes to you and your love ones.

Dragon year associates with power, prosperity and good fortune. We here at Synthetic Resources wish you all a very healthy , happy New Year of the Dragon. Thank you and we appreciate your support and partnership.

Please send wishes and prayer for peace in Ukraine, Israel, Myanmar where millions of lives are affected daily.

Updates on Panama Canal ( Keith Wallis, Special Correspondent | Feb 12, 2024, 12:01 PM EST) JOC Journal

Shippers are seeing an easing of the disruption caused by low water levels along the Panama Canal as carriers resume transits through waterway on some east-west services or find alternative options to transport cargo, carrier and port executives say. 

Shippers in Asia and the Americas told the Journal of Commerce in December they were facing delays of up to a month as carriers skipped calls, transshipped and rolled cargo as ships were delayed through the Panama Canal or diverted around southern Africa. But highlighting how things have improved to some extent, Hapag-Lloyd said THE Alliance restored transits through the canal on some of its trans-Pacific to US East Coast EC2 services from January.  Read More:

What’s Now And Next In Sustainable Textiles?

July 27, 2023

Moss, a provider of high-quality graphics and tension structures, joined the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a community that

works with ocean clean-up programs worldwide to transform recovered marine litter into upcycled marine plastic.

The textile industry is experiencing a profound shift towards sustainability driven by demand and the urgent need to address environmental challenges.

By Elissa Decker

It’s no longer a secret that traditional manufacturing practices within the textile industry have had an adverse effect on the environment. Pollution, resource depletion, and waste generation are lingering concerns. Mass production and consumption have intensified these conditions. But there is hope for our industry. In recent years, there has been a notable shift towards sustain-ability, with several trends and innovations emerging to address the challenges faced. Now is the time for selective growth and new opportunities to reimagine the impact textiles have on the planet. This article explores now and next trends in sustainability that will shape the industry. Read More

New Era of more sustainable option for laminating for 2024.

We are excited to introduce to you a new addition coming on Line 2024 in our facility in Taiwan - PUR glue laminating machine . We heat the PUR glue to a molten state and upon application, bond is created between the materials until it cools. A chemical reaction builds up the strength of this bond over the next 72 hours as water molecules in the atmosphere transform the adhesives into a thermosetting polymer. Offering better bonding and no off gasing from traditional lamination. This is the new non-pollutant sustainable process. If you have 2 layer , 3 layer project that require lamination please reach out to us . This can be used for outdoor gears for water proof breathable jackets and gears to medical products etc.

Cost Trending :

  1. Currency: The 2 main currencies that can affect raw materials and the cost of goods are trending horizontally with no major change after CNY. If the exchange rate goes down, which means overseas currency increases in value, there is a chance prices will be pushed up in the short term.  If the exchange rate goes up, we will see weakness in the market price pending on below info.


2) Raw materials that impacts material cost :   We carefully curate these information so you can see actual rates trending in china market on main raw materials that can affect our market.

The below charts are spot rate data after CNY on key material components we collected from the current Textile Market spot rate. These rates typically project out pricing trends, indicating the direction of raw material prices in China. While it does not dictate all Asian prices, it does influence the market and provides us guidance on upcoming market conditions. This can only be used for reference. It is actual market data, and we are not responsible for its accuracy.

Nylon /CPL/ Chip Polyester DTY Yarn

Polyester Chip PVC

Raw material costs for Polyester and Nylon seem to trend higher after the CNY holiday. However, not all factories have returned and there are signs of continued economic weakness. If the demand does not pick up, higher price points most likely will not be sustained. We will keep you posted to see what the market will do.

The last factor that can affect pricing of raw material is oil prices. This typically is a major indicator as synthetics are all petrochemical based products. Prices seem to hold around the 1980's level but our price for material has depreciated significantly more than 1980 -1990 price.

As always if you found the newsletter helpful, please let us know. If there are other subjects you like to learn more about, please email us and we will do our best to get you the information you need. Email us at with any comments or suggestions. Thank you and have an Amazing Year of the Dragon !

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