Are you challenged by the time and resources spent on sourcing the right textile materials or products for your business? Are dependability and consistency ingrained in your standards?



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  • Various ounce weights and widths

  • Production Line Covers

  • Various PVC Products




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 Production Capabilities

Our competencies lie in synthetic textiles and their finishes. We understand the diversity of synthetic fabrics and the boundless applications they have in our everyday lives. Our process begins with asking the right questions to gain insight to the end-use and functions of the product.

Some of our production capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • C6 and C0 Water Repellent  (WR) with performance

  • Solvent and water based Polyurethane (PU) for water proof-ness 

  • Breathable and waterproof coatings (e.g. for jackets and accessories)

  • Thermal PU Coating  (e.g. for air holding or diving under water)

  • Solution Dye as a sustainable alternative to traditional dyeing methods - commonly used in the outdoor industry

  • Fire Retardant (FR) Capabilities 

    • Cal 117​

    • NFPA701

    • CPAI84

    • Non-Halogen FR

  • Microfibers

    • Peach skin finishes​

  • Prepare For Printing (PFP) Finishes

  • Cast Polyurethane (PU) Products

    • Medical textile​

    • Vinyl/PVC products

    • Washable PU finishes

  • UV Protection

  • Anti-static with carbon yarn and finishes

  • Anti-microbial finishes - Thomson Research

Our team can handle all of the research and development, quality assurance and testing, production coordination, and more, customized to your specifications.


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