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We offer textile solutions where trust, dependability, profitability, and sustainability
are all woven into one  service designed just for you.


No matter how your business needs evolve in the ever-changing marketplace, our 30 plus years of expertise and experience in integrating innovation, technology, sustainability, and profitability can differentiate your products from the competition.

Image by Rafael Garcin


Through our discovery process, we identify the product, price, and service you need, and further clarify and verify the performance and quality you desire. After your order is placed, we smoothly deliver your goods. We stand behind our commitments, and are here for you every step of the way!

This shape is of an X, which are two fabric rolls crossed against each other. It is symbolic of Synthetic Resources' textile production capabilities.

Synthetic Resources stands behind our commitments to delivery quality products at the right value under our agreed requirements

This shape is of a globe to symblize Synthetic Resources' global strategies.

Our global strategies enable us to propel your business forward even in the midst of arising socio-economic, and political, challenges

This shape is of a water droplet. It is symbolic of all of the water Synthetic Resources save through our eco-friendly manufacturig processes.

We believe it is our responsibility to be sustainable and create less carbon footprints for future generations

This shape shows a line breaking into three different directions with three arrowheads. This is symbolic of our capacity to provide an all-inclusive service with importing and logistics.

Synthetic Resources stands behind our commitments to delivery quality products at the right value under our agreed requirements


Prior to working with Synthetic Resources, clients faced risks and challenges in sourcing dependable products, questioned whether the price was right and what their true cost was; spent too much time and energy tracking production schedules; experienced lack of optics on deliveries; and efforts were often thwarted by long wait times, time differences, and language barriers with overseas vendors. 

After partnering with Synthetic Resources, all the challenges of sourcing melted away - risks were diverted, late night office calls were gone, and prices were transparent. Clients could count on consistent quality, which minimized the time spent on risk mitigation and problem solving. Now, our clients could find dependable products at the right price, with reliable deliveries around the world, allowing them more time and resources to divert to growing their businesses, leading to long-term success.


It is said that 80% of business revenue come from 20% of business resources. What if you could allocate more of your resources to the 20% that grows the most revenue for your business?

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Synthetic Resources runs like a 'Swiss railroad' (that's a compliment). I would prefer, from a logistics point, that Synthetic Resources handles the whole operation.

-Synthetic Resource client

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I don't always respond to Synthetic Resources' newsletters, but thanks for these emails. I do read and value the information in all of them!

-Synthetic Resource client

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I know there are things happening in the world that make everything unpredictable. I wanted to thank you yesterday for all of your dedication.

-Synthetic Resource client

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