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Is your business equipped to handle the unexpected? 

With offices and factories in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States, we can provide multi-faceted solutions to propel your business forward. 


When you make a point of purchase with Synthetic Resources, you also buy peace of mind. Our clients have continually trusted us in supporting them through unexpected, but inevitable, political and socio-economic disrupters. 


During the US-China Trade War, the 25% increase in tariffs caused uncertainty to many of our clients. Through the stages of the trade war, we actively informed our clients of the legal developments that would directly affect their businesses. Moreover, we utilized various strategies, such as targeting for specific ship dates so products would arrive in the United States prior to new tariff implementation dates. Additionally, we collaborated with our factories to strategize new cost structures that would benefit and sustain existing businesses. With our knowledge of the economic landscape and expertise in the textile industry, we were able to provide competitive options from our Taiwan finishing plant to support our clients and maintain their competitive edge. By partnering with our valued clients, we continue to navigate obstacles, and push our businesses forward.


With millions of people affected by COVID-19, the pandemic introduces a new, harsh reality to businesses around the world. While we recognize the ongoing challenges, by understanding and working side-by-side with our clients, we realized that all of us can contribute to our community and country. With the massive shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) available, we collectively evolved our strategies, made appropriate material and product-related recommendations, and introduced new distribution networks to our clients. Along with offering new product lines specifically meant for the medical industry, materials we were already producing are now being used to create face masks, hospital cots, hospital gowns, and protective shoe covers, etc. Due to unusually high demand, we responded with expedited production, and leveraged our logistics solutions, so that orders reached our clients in record time. This resulted in faster response times from our clients to market needs. This pivot broadened the business landscape for many of the distributors and manufacturers we service, and sustains their businesses through COVID-19. Our clients were not only able to support their communities, but play a vital role in responding to the growing needs of the medical industry with life-saving products that prevent the spread of contagion, and protect the brave front-line medical workers so that they can continue to save lives. We discovered that the actions we take in our business can make positive differences that matter.

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