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PFAS Chemicals - Compliance by 2025 ?

Dive deep into the world of PFAS chemicals, a family of potentially harmful, man-made substances that have earned an ominous nickname - Forever Chemicals. Why? These chemicals refuse to break down in the environment, earning them their eternal moniker.

The Origins of PFAS Chemicals

Peek into the history books and you'll find PFAS chemicals making their debut around the 1940s. From non-stick cookware to water-repellent clothing, these chemicals are used far and wide due to their ability to resist water, grease, and heat.

The Global Impact of PFAS Contamination

Unfortunately, with great resistance comes grave ramifications. The contamination of PFAS chemicals is not restricted to a specific locale or region. It's a global issue. These persistent pollutants have infiltrated natural resources like soil and groundwater, creating a silent crisis.

The Role of Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance of PFAS plays a significant role in this widespread contamination. Their resolute structure makes them resistant to typical environmental degradation processes. They neither break down nor disappear but continue to persist in the environment.

A Glimmer of Hope: Government Actions

Yet, amidst this ticking time bomb scenario, governments worldwide are stepping up! An increasing emphasis on regulating PFAS chemicals is emerging. Legislation is being proposed and enacted to limit the production, usage, and release of these harmful chemicals. A beacon of hope in an otherwise grim situation!

As we delve deeper into the world of PFAS chemicals, it's crucial to understand their potential health effects. An important note to take is that the toxicity of PFAS does not play around. Research has highlighted a multitude of adverse health effects associated with these chemicals.

Adverse Health Effects of PFAS Chemicals

Often referred to as 'forever chemicals', PFAS have shown to have a stubborn persistence in the human body and the environment. Numerous scientific studies suggest an association between exposure to certain PFAS and potential health hazards such as:

- Hormonal disruptions

- Lowered immune response

- Increased cholesterol levels

- Heightened risk of certain cancers

While it may seem like doom and gloom, it's important to remember that these findings are based on varying levels of exposure, some of which are higher than what most people experience.

Nevertheless, the impact on human health and the environment cannot be ignored. From contaminating water sources to entering food chains, these ubiquitous chemicals pose significant risks.

The journey towards a world free from the risks of PFAS chemicals requires continued research, effective regulations, and responsible consumption choices. By staying informed and making conscious decisions, we can contribute to a safer and healthier future for ourselves and the environment. For more information on how SR Inc. can be part of your No PFAS journey. Please contact us at “ .

Market update in the world of Synthetic textile material .

( Chart and Data courtesy of China commodity market as of October 2023 )

PVC raw material chart of the left hand side showing recovery in price from end of 2022.

On the right hand chart, actual spot rate of PTA –

Polyester raw material showing lows on Jan 2023 to current . Market is show signs of recovery in price form the lows at end of 2022. Commodity price on a steady raise.

Nylon Spot Rate shows coming off it all time low from Sept 2022 and now traveling within a channel due to lack of strong demand but off from its lows which is a positive sign of recovery.

Foreign Exchange Currency Market :

Showing Dollar recover some strengthen in both NTD and RMB. This allow us to provided some proactive savings for each quarter in 2023 .

Oil price shot up again causing some concerns this quarter that price will start to recover as cost of raw material continue to stay firm.'>Crude Oil Prices - 70 Year Historical Chart</a>

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