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GRI upcoming , Increase ocean rates driving up import cost. Anticipate Higher Cost.

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Due to slow recovery in the Shipping industry. Shippers are pulling their resources by blank sailing and consolidating their cargos. By creating lack of capacity and rolling containers to the next available vessel. They are creating an artificial demand supporting their price increase. The results is causing an average delay of 7-10 days to current transit time. Work with your clients closely and plan for these delays.

Be aware of the UPS strike upcoming. Plan accordingly.

Import vs. Domestic

1000D HT Nylon by SR Inc., vs. 1000D Cordura TM

We understand the value of saving time while being cost efficient especially over the past 2 years. Did you know our 1000D HT Nylon is also constructed with high tenacity Nylon? Compare SR 1000D Nylon vs 1000D Cordura TM by Invista as below:

Our product edge 1000D Cordura TM in physical performance.

As long as your projects are not barrier amendment required, our 1000D Nylon can add value in performance and more value than conventional Cordura TM. As your client to compare.

Currency Price

Dollar remains not much changed form 2022 vs 2023 as chart below:

Oil Price starts to drop form its highs in 2022.

Overall market price trend slightly down but no major changes due to a slow market and lower inventory. Overseas factory have started to see apparel order coming in to pipeline in China and Vietnam. This will spur some recovery that will affect 3rd and 4th quarter.

Please help us be sharing what area in textile you like to hear more. Email us :

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