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Year of the Rabbit - Symbol of Hope

Year of Rabbit is a symbolic of longevity, peace and prosperity.

As we review 2022, War in Ukraine, Threat of port strike, threat of rail strike, supply chain break down, Oil price , Surging logistic cost, COVID breakout in China, the list goes on and on. "What does not break us, makes us stronger" a song from Kelly Clarkson. How true it is. We are blessed and grateful for everyone. Year of the rabbit represents a year of hope and prosperity to all in the year 2023.

Evolution of C8, C6 , C0

What does 8 , 6 , 0 means?

8 = 8 carbons in the chain, 6 = 6 carbons, 0 = 0 carbons.

What is the concern with C8?

C8 contains: perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), and the production of C8 and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA):

PFOS have been found to be Persistence-it will not decompose, half-life of PFOS is determined to exceed 41 years.

PFOA has a shorter half-life and lower toxicity, but it will remain in the human body for as short as four years and can be carcinogenic. The concern is these chemicals are used in material such as Teflon which are used in water/oil/ stain repellency sprays and cookwares.

This is based on the study of direct soluble concentration introduce to test animals like Teflon liquid from material. On what‘s applied to synthetic textile products, these are insoluble and will require long time of decomposition than breakdown to molecular level before it can be toxic.

Compare to C6?

C6 are now short chain fluorine carbons, 6 carbons so shorter chain and breakdown easier but still contain fluorine. It is still effective against oil and water repellency. But removing PFOS and PFOA type chemicals that are in C8. C6 still contain PFAS (fluorinated) chemicals.

Where we are today.

C0 is Fluorine free and fully sustainable. But only perform well as a water repellency. C0 is not new technology, the most common C0 example of old is “ Wax”. Today‘s C0 is revamp and renewed to perform better against water and ware ability, its screen printable and last longer than traditional old C0 products. Let us know if this article is helpful.

Will Section 301 Tariffs Be Lifted and What Will It Mean for the Future of Apparel, Footwear, and Textiles?

By Just Style | January 18, 2023

The U.S. apparel, footwear, and retail sectors are at loggerheads with the textile industry over the impact of Section 301 tariffs on U.S. imports from China. Speaking exclusively to Just Style, University of Delaware Associate Professor of Fashion and Apparel Studies, Dr. Sheng Lu, comments on the conflicting opinions of the two sides and explains why he believes the Biden Administration will, at least in the near term, be looking to retain the tariffs. (Readers can also learn more from Just Style and law firm Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg on mitigating the impact of 301 tariffs here.)

What effects price of Synthetics Price overall remain study. Overall due to market slow down caused by China. Other parts of Asia have to make up for the loss of production of raw material and finish products. Overall market maintain steady going in to CNY with most factory outside of Chine holding well. Read more


USD Currency Trends

The US dollar is currently trending downwards, which indicates low buying power due to currency devaluation. 6% dip from the highest point in a very short time. Currency continue to be unstable.

The oil prices shows a slight upward trend in the past month in proportion to the USD dropping. This projects the cost of materials to rise in the near future. Oil price is projected to raise

As the Ocean rates are now back to previous level. We will be monitoring rail road and local transportation to evaluate these cost. Oil price will be a good indicator of where the logistic cost will be heading. Material price seem to be stabilizing but will be affected both oil and currency. Again we wish you, your family, and your team all a joyful, healthy, Lunar New Year !

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