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Welcome 2021 year of the Golden Ox

The Year of the Golden ( Metal) Ox brings prosperity to business and wellness to all. In this edition We want to continue to bring new and exciting developments in the world of sustainable textile and technologies that will enhance our future. In this edition we will introduce some sustainable fiber options on the raise that can possibly improve our environment. As always, we look forward to your feedback on what excites you as we look into the future.

1. Hemp fibers

One of the most versatile natural fibers can be obtained from hemp - hemp fibers, which are antibacterial, durable and resilient, and work as a natural air-conditioning system. Read More

2. Vegan alternative to leather

Although the idea may sound unbelievable, there is a vegan alternative to leather, which is made from pineapple leaves. London-based Ananas Anam has developed a natural and non-woven textile out of pineapple leaves, known as Piñatex which is remarkably similar to leather.

Read More

3. Biodegrable Polyester ?

RH: Sustainable textile sourcing is becoming more important across the entire supply chain, particularly as the apparel industry remains a key contributor to waste and pollution. Environmentally unfriendly consumer habits, including the rise of fast fashion and a growing throwaway culture, further fuel negative ecological impact. According to a 2009 United States Environmental Protection Agency study on municipal solid waste, textile waste has nearly doubled in the past two decades, accounting for about 21 billion pounds per year Read More

As the consumer market becomes more sophisticated and more environmentally conscious. There is an tremendous opportunity here for our industry to raise our standard and support a more sustainable future in our textile industry. Please share with us your thoughts or comments. Gung Xi Fa Choi !! ( Great fortune to all )

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