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SRI April Newsletter

Los Angeles, Long Beach port terminals shut down due to labor issues

Several logistics providers are warning customers of missed truck appointments and other disruptions ahead of Easter weekend. Published April 7, 2023 Edwin LopezManaging Editor

A view of containers and cranes on a foggy day at a terminal in Los Angeles on Dec. 4, 2012, during a union strike more than ten years ago. A new work action is now affecting terminal operations at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach have effectively shut down as a result of a local longshore labor action that began Thursday evening. The Pacific Maritime Association, which represents West Coast port employers, said a local union at the twin ports withheld some labor for the evening shift on Thursday, leading to widespread labor shortages that halted operations. The actions have continued, leading to closures on Friday morning as well. “The action by the Union has effectively shut down the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach – the largest gateway for maritime trade in the United States,” the PMA said in a statement.

PFAS Free & C " 0" : getting rid of the "forever chemical" finish by 2025

Many countries, organizations, and companies have recognized the risks associated with PFAS and have pledged to phase out their use in products and operations. By being PFAS free by 2025, these entities aim to reduce the exposure to and impact of PFAS on the environment and human health. Several states in the United States have set goals to be PFAS-free by 2025, including:


  1. Connecticut

  2. Maine

  3. Massachusetts

  4. Michigan

  5. Minnesota

  6. New Hampshire

  7. New Jersey

  8. New York

  9. Oregon

  10. Rhode Island

  11. Vermont

  12. Washington

It is feasible to achieve PFAS-free status by 2025, but it will require significant effort and resources. This is because PFAS have been widely used in many different products and applications, and the chemicals are very persistent in the environment. Phasing out PFAS will require the development and implementation of alternative chemicals and products, as well as the adoption of new regulations and standards. It will also require the cooperation and participation of governments, industries, and consumers to ensure that PFAS are replaced with safer alternatives. While it may be challenging, it is an important goal to work towards to protect public health and the environment.

For more understanding of C8, C6 , C0 chemical you can refer to following link :

Tech Driven to address labor issues :

Walmart looks to spend more on robots, e-commerce The retail giant expects that within three years, 55% of its fulfillment center volume will move through automated facilities, and 65% of its stores will be automated to some extent. by Daphine Howland

UNFI boosts warehouse capacity with lease of Pennsylvania facility

The Manchester distribution center will implement technology and automation solutions similar to other locations, per the grocery wholesaler’s COO. by Kelly Stroh

Currency : As US dollar decline to pre pandemic level driven by interest rates and debt concerns. Investors are worry of the raising inflation and instability of US mounting debts.

Oil price slide due to worry of recession worries. There is a raising concern on depletion of our National Oil Reserve by the current administration which continue to increase the cost at the pump for Americans.

As first quarter of 2023 comes to a close. We are seeing signs of activity raising for 2nd quarter. Current quarter price have adjusted downward as freight cost start to normalize. Raw material for Synthetic material remain stable due to raw material price remain unchanged due to instability of war and oil prices. Our logistic team anticipate a GRI ( General Rate Increase) in 3rd quarter 2023 in ocean freight as business anticipate increase of demand for holiday seasons.

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