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Reusable Isolation Gowns

Although single-use disposable isolation gowns are a staple in hospitals, the shortage in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for medical professionals is making the medical industry realize that an eco-friendly alternative is needed to not only reduce costs, but also waste.

Both the environmental impact, and financial constraints, can be mitigated by reinventing the nature of PPE through incorporating the use of reusable isolation gowns. At Synthetic Resources, innovation is constantly integrated into our offerings. We went through extensive research and development to provide comfort, durability, flexibility, strength, and protection into our medical barrier fabrics - suitable for reusable isolation gowns.

By using fabric made of continuous filament thread from tightly woven synthetic fibers, along with specific technology that ensures barrier, anti-static, and AAMI PB70 qualified properties in the product, we are able to offer a proven environmentally and financially sustainable alternative to disposable gowns. Studies show that the use of these gowns can bring costs down by as much as 25%-50%, and reduce waste by as much as 80%.

If you are interested in continuing to pivot your business during this pandemic, please connect with us to see how we can grow together.

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