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Is Taiwan Next a focus

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Concerned with the ongoing war in Ukraine and praying for the safety of its citizens. Many of you have address concerns about the 7-decade threat of China taking over Taiwan. Yes ! 7 decades of threat! China has been threatened Taiwan since after WWII (1949). Here ae some facts to consider why a full out invasion is less likely and a more peaceful solution would result:

*Political posturing ? whenever we see Taiwan's democratic election resulted in a pro independent Taiwan. China's jets are flying closer and missile testing starts. The moment the politics change the noise disappears. This has been the case for the past two decades.

*For one, attack on Taiwan would undermine the security of Japan and South Korea and threat to the first island chain. Taiwan’s strategic location is held in high regards against future incursions from China to the Pacific Oceans and to the US doorstep. Current US administration has vow to defend Taiwan, Japan , South Korea.

*To attack Taiwan is to challenge US for leadership in the world. One that US can not afford to lose. It would undermine the main leadership role in Asia and a possible future fight to replace the dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

*China observed how the world reacted to Ukraine. Will China risk their economy which depend heavily on the west and it's European allies? These sanctions on Russia have shown the path to war could have severe financial consequences. China is still facing Covid-19 outbreaks, and possible Real Estate bubble crisis. There are few larger problem looming in China larger than Taiwan. China prefers a peaceful solution for Taiwan .

TMSC - Taiwan Semi Conductor , currently producing 80-90% of the microchips used by the US military. US dependency on TSMC as well as the world. So an attack on Taiwan would seriously jeopardized this key supply chain. Another reason why a peaceful solution would benefit everyone.

( Interesting fact : TSMC reported 4th quarter they will have overstock of microchips to sell. Contradicting to all news channel reported on shortages right before the signing of the 200 $ billion chip act ? TSMS also invested in State of Arizona a new mfg plant since 2020 without any govt handout and target to complete by 2025.)

( to understand more Router News Article below )

T day

By David Lague and Maryanne Murray


Seventy-two years ago, the Communist Party seized control of China after a bloody struggle. The defeated Nationalist government fled to Taiwan, frustrating Beijing's desire to capture the island. Since then, China has arisen as a superpower rivaling America; Taiwan has blossomed into a self-governing democracy and high-tech powerhouse with Washington's backing. Now, after decades of tenuous stalemate, there is a renewed risk of conflict. While it is impossible to know how this long rivalry will play out, in some respects the battle for Taiwan is already underway.

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In Summary

Will the war come tomorrow, next month , next year , next decade ? No one can predict what and when it will happen. As it stands currently business continue to thrive and growing in Taiwan as the world recovers from the past 2 year of pandemic. What we do know is a war can be extremely costly and damaging to China reputation and it’s standing internationally. This risk is too high for China. Should war happens, 60% of the international trade around the world will be affected in around the world. It would be WWIII and it will be a costly war to the world.

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