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A Brave New world

Happy Chinese New Year. 2022 - Year of the Tiger. The tiger is seen as the bravest of all beasts. A symbol of strength and courage. Gong xi Fa Choi ! ( Good fortune and have wealth in health and joy ) From your team at SR Inc.,

Coming into New Year , we start by updating you on port Status and than move to what's exciting and possible upcoming in 2022 and on wards.

Quick overview courtesy of Maersk. The diagram is vessel waiting time ( berth time) . After docking west coast port are expected another 9-13 days before access for delivery. Total transit Time for both coast currently estimate at 60-70 days + production time. We continue to encourage planning ahead. Order placed will most likely be arriving late May - June.

Imports Drop at Southern California Ports as Ship Backup Grows Combined inbound volume fell 14% in December at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as the queue of vessels waiting to unload surpassed 100 ships

Imports are tumbling at the nation’s busiest container port complex even as the backup of ships waiting to unload there breaks records. Read more

New & Exciting - Boundless Growth !

Freight Company Begins Testing Autonomous Trucks in U.S.

Einride, a freight technology company from Sweden, is working on converting truck driving to a desk job. Einride operates Europe’s largest fleet of electric trucks and began testing its autonomous “Pods” electric trucks and “Saga” operating system in the United States in early November.

SpaceX is preparing to launch its Starship spacecraft on an orbital test flight, according to tweets from Elon Musk. The private space company hopes that the Starship represents the future of its missions to space, taking humanity to the Moon and beyond.

Indicators :

USD vs NTD : 27.43 NTD to 1 USD Down

USD vs RMB : 6.36 RMB to 1 USD Down

Crude Oil WTI : 88.15 /barrel Highest since 2014

As we start 2022 we continue to be weighted by COVID across the world. The world still figuring out what is working. We commemorate those we loss and appreciate the gifts that they brought into our lives. As we evolve, we can see exponential growth in technology across different industries to improve our lives. We can see so many of what's wrong but there are just as many what is right. Lets start 2022 with a Roar ! May year of the water Tiger bring everyone peace, joy, health and wealth.

Your team @ Synthetic Resources.

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